• Hostage rescue team

Weekly special scenarios use equipment and weapons like smoke grenades etc. Rescue the hostages. Time and accuracy is the name of the game. Challenge other teams in order to be No 1


  • Seal team 9


  • Police


  • Sniper

The game is marksmanship, different scenarios from hostage rescue to eliminating the bad guys. One shot one kill. It is important to have proper camouflage and cover.


  • Criminals

You are the bad guys setting up scenes for the good guys. You will be challenging to see who wins


Make up your own unit for scenarios and training


  • Weapons

Use any weapon you have to strengthen your units skills. You can use hand guns, shotguns and assault rifles. You can even add a sniper to your team.

Each team can specialise on equipment like radio communication and assault gear. Smoke or teargas,


These are only a few of our generic teams you may join. You can enter your own team and name to this list, you can recruit members to join your elite unit. 

You can have as many members in your unit as you wish.


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