Once you are a member you can use the shooting range anytime with an unlimited amount of visits. The more times you visit the range the easier it is for you to obtain weapon licences. You must do at least 6 shoots a year to class as a dedicated shooter. if you have dreamed of owning your own assault rifle or tactical shotgun then this is the club for you. We also offer members training courses in basic weapon handling and small team tactics training.

Nobody in the industry offers this service to normal civilians. Now you have access to training and shooting exercises like the proffesionals. Many of our members are part of community police forums, Police Reservists, Policeman, Security members,Tactical/ops medics, Hunters/snipers.

Our club is open to anybody wanting to enjoy combat type shooting. From basic scenarios to advanced rescues. your imagination sets the standards. Most clubs focus on speed or just accuracy, our focus is to prepare you for real life drama`s. We teach you not to have the nicest holster the day but the most practical holster or equipment. you will be surrounded by people with the same ideas and passions.

However accuracy and time does play a role to see who is the deadliset warrior.

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