We formed this club because we have shot at many different clubs hoping for some excitement, all we got was boring shoots and standing around wasting time and waiting for a range to open. We decided that it is supposed to be fun and we will have fun. The rules are sometimes to strict making the day unpleasant. We come from a law enforcement back ground and train with different scenarios to create real life simulations.

We want you to come out of your shell and wear what you like and use whatever gear you have without being judged. You need the gear in order to complete the real life drama`s. Our scenarios teach normal and proffesional how negotiate obsticles and stay alive. you only become good once you practice. Our range officers will advise and assist groups or individuals to do tactics the right way.

You will learn which holster is right for your weapon at any time. Dont be scared to try out your own scenario while concealing your weapon on an ankle holster. You need to practice getting to it, taking cover and eliminating your target.

There are enough ranges to shoot on and practice to perfect your movements. We encourage everyone to join. Shooting needs to be fun. people that enjoy shooting perform better in situations than those that dont. After a few shoots you will start feeling sorry for criminals crossing your path as he will become the victim. You will laugh at Hi Jackers and feel sorry that they are about to cross your path, You will learn to have the upper hand and not crumble under pressure.

Because we train and shoot under pressure you will learn to be calm and negotiate and react calmly. You will learn to smile before looking at a house robber knowing that he has crossed you. 

This is called power. 


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